Checkpoint 4

This checkpoint requried a 1.1, social campaign deliverables, and a stage presentation beta.

In this checkpoint, a major area of focus was creating a social campaign that introduced the hypothetical relaunch of UGA Engage.

Checkpoint 3

This checkpoint requried a 1.0, visual design document, and a website beta.

In this checkpoint, a major area of focus was the overall visual design of our project. We developed several logos and set a defined color schemes for our website.

Checkpoint 2

This checkpoint requried a beta version of our website, a UX map, and comprehensive user research.

In this checkpoint, we focused on creating a functional website that incorporated the majority of our final components. Additionally, we conducted qualitative and quantitative research on Engage users.

Checkpoint 1

The first checkpoint consisted of an alpha, an exploratory research and a project plan.

In this checkpoint, we defined team goals and specific team roles for each member. Our exploratory research focused on identifying other service learning websites from other