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Engage UGA
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About Our Project

Engage Georgia is a UGA-affiliated website that serves as a way for members of the Athens, GA community, namely students of the University of Georgia, to find volunteer opportunities and give back to the community. Our team decided to revamp this site due to these factors: Engage is little-known among its target audience, as well as a bit clunky and not particularly visually appealing. The goals we set are to make the site easier to use, more frequently used, and nicer to look at.

Project Features

Below are some of the key elements that improved the user expirience and aesthetic design of Engage.


We added a calendar feature to our website that allows students to see a comprehensive list of all upcoming activites. The calendar can be viewed by day, week, or month


Organization List

Comprehensive list of all organizations affiliated with Engage.


Fully Responsive

We built Engage to be viewed on tablet, mobile, or desktop.